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      Summer decorate guide: perspective household wood door industry five big strange phenomenon

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        Often occurs due to the summer temperature is too high, too dry or too much rain, too damp extreme weather phenomena. So not always considered a good season of an outfit. In fact, summer construction as long as pay attention to some important matters, also can avoid the quality problem. Here, home life small make up for you for a suitable for summer construction decoration information, hope to be able to help you in this summer pretend satisfaction focus!
        Hang sheep head sell vinegar and sell different saidGuide consumers into the store, experienced staff will take the initiative to ask how much its going to buy the door of the price, if consumer 7800 yuan is the quoted price, shoppers will come up with a wooden cross section, said it was 7800 yuan wood material, but in fact out of one thousand yuan of above real wood core cross section, quality excellent, in order to attract consumers. Another common tactic is to show to consumer, always do with a cross section of a real wood core samples, the result is that sell honeycomb paper when packing of wooden door, because consumers buy door can't open the door to see the inside of the material.
        Countermeasures: the industry, said that in addition to shop around, when buying a door if you don't like filler, weigh in hand grabs weight can be identified; Some businessmen in order to cover up the material, will be around the door, include all of the bottom sealing paint makes one unable to distinguish from the appearance, and the door of legitimate business all around and the bottom is not painted, In addition, the common solid wood stick door purchase price plus freight cost at least one thousand yuan of above, but if the so-called real wood door 7800 yuan, that must have quality problem.
        stamping Stickers door selling leather door priceSome economical solid mu fu joins a wooden door in order to cut corners, the wooden door close to the door lock and install the hinges fill the whole piece of wood, other places are using inferior wood. Because install door lock need to dig holes, consumers can see the inside of the wooden door material, this configuration can be stolen.
        Also a way of stamping is said to be sticker will surface wood door stick wood doors, wood grain texture and real wood grain on the surface of the paper is very similar to that of the general consumers don't distinguish carefully look not to come out at all. But, the price difference is very big, in the same area or yuan cheaper than the wood veneer, wood grain paper if "unfortunate" recognized by consumers, businesses will use "this is a paper of science and technology" to justify.
        Countermeasures: introduce according to professional personage, wood grain paper texture is inflexible, uniform, along a few same sticker of wooden door, grain can present consistency, if there are any groove, the paper will be more fruity, break; And wood will be a scar, the phenomenon such as spots, black line, put together a few doors down, lines must be inconsistent, if met groove wood veneer, it is neither round nor break.
        Cut corners to paint process reduce halfSuit wood door is PU paint on the market. In general, are through to find the PU paint color, the bottom of the three sides and so on six procedures, some brand wooden door even can do seven working procedure. But some door on the market at present only two or three working procedure, and less brush paint again at least save 50 yuan.
        Countermeasures: see paint finish. Process less wood door, paint film looks must not full, not fat, no effective protection on the surface of a wooden door. To the real process, paint film looks must be full, rich, and finish.
        g. Real wood door edge change of wood plasticWhen consumer is choosing wooden door, tend to focus too much focus on doors, and ignores the door and door edge. Some profiteers will the door and door leaf with different material, regular practice after the door that is made from wood frame, plane, the plane straight, then molding assembly is installed on the wall, and covers the base plate and garnish panel. But on the market at present, some inferior do basic level processing, the door is not directly on the surface with a thin layer of decorative panels, board and wall body is difficult to fully bonded.
        In addition, some vendors when selling goods which are solid wood line, but tend to substitute wood plastic. Ordinary wood plastic materials and solid wood line materials don't watch carefully, appearance is almost the same, but the price difference is very big, wood plastic about one meter in 60 yuan to 80 yuan between, and the solid wood edge material is more than 100 yuan.
        Countermeasures: acceptance infiltrate right project, can use hand knock door window set of side plate, if a empty drum, means that no bottom cushion joinery board board at the grass-roots level, should be removed redo. When the choose and buy, to ask what is the door, door edge material dealer, when they think you're adept, will dare to cheat you.
        Great difference Measurement can't installIt is understood that the wooden door industry there is a shortage of good workers, so because of measurement caused by improper installation problems are common. According to general manager of the old curtilage the real Guo Xian, measuring time had several elements to note that the first is the width of the door, because the wall is not straight, so when measuring width must be at least measuring bottom, middle, and top three places, to take the most narrow that value; Then the thickness of the door, in the same way, because the wall is not straight, so to measure the bottom, middle, and top three position, take the greatest value. If made a mistake or was measured by just one place, it is probably because of the error of 0.5 cm can't install, sometimes even hit a wall can be installed.
        Countermeasures: when consumers the best measurement on the spot, check the number and record the data of the measuring staff, once the size of the measurement of the door, don't do "articles" in the metope of near the door, such as ceramic tile, etc. If you must, must go in the measurement personnel within 24 hours after notification.





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